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Brain model, 5 parts
This carefully painted model of a brain in life size can be divided in right and left brain half. The left half can be divided into 4 parts. These are Frontal with parietal lobes, Temporal with occipital lobes as well as half of brain...
Foot skeleton with ligaments
Life size foot skeleton with representation of the ligamentous apparatus with related muscles. All bones of the foot as well as start of tibia and fibula are represented separately. The following muscles with ligaments are present:...
Eye half, enlarged
Cross section through the eyeball. The following anatomy is shown: Choroid, Retina, Macula, Optic disc, Optic nerve, central retinal artery and vein, retinal blood vessels, superior and inferior rectus muscle, ora serrata, lens, iris,...
Female pelvic floor model, 12 parts
This new model of a female pelvis with pelvic floor musculature represents the pelvic floor in its layers.The following muscles are represented and can be removed: - Obturatorius internus muscle (left and right) - Piriformis muscle (left...
Anatomical brain model, life-size, 5 parts
This life-sized brain model is carefully painted in realistic color depicting the major anatomy of the brain. The left half comes apart in four pieces- the frontal and parietal, the temporal and occipital, the brainstem, and the...
Functional and regional brain model, life-size,...
This life-size brain model shows the major anatomical landmarks and cortical areas of the brain in carefully painted color. The right half is painted to show the four lobes of the brain: parietal, temporal, occipital, and frontal. The...
Human Brain, actual cast
This Human Brain is molded and cast from an actual specimen. Custom-formulated resin and the production process permit us to represent a level of accuracy and detail necessary for anatomy instruction. The left and right hemispheres are...
Atherothrombosis-model with removable trhrombus
This greatly enlarged model of a human artery shows a cut through the vascular wall with intima, media and adventitia. Clearly visible there is a plaque accumulation in the vascular wall with rupture and a thrombus. The thrombus can be...
Eye model, 4 times life size, 6 parts
Complex hand painted reproduction of a human eye in about 4 times life size. The model includes two halves of sclera with retina and eye muscle attachments as well as vitreous humour, lens, cornea and iris. The model has 6 parts in...
Heart model, 2 part, with conducting system
The front heart wall can be removed to show the inner structures in detail. All important structures are present such as ventricles, atriums, aortic, mitral, pulmonary and tricuspid valves. Heart muscle, fatty tissue, arteries and veins...
Skin-hair-nail desktop model
With this model it is easy to compare the structures of hairy and hairless skin: sensitive corpuscles, blood vessels, sweat gland, nerves, hair and hair root. Additionally a nail cross section model shows nail bed, nail plate and nail...
Chinese acupuncture figure, male
Original Chinese acupuncture figure with marking of the acupuncture points according to traditional Chinese teaching. Suitable for insertion of needles. Including instructions in Chinese and English. Size: 50 cm
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