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Female pelvic floor model, 12 parts
This new model of a female pelvis with pelvic floor musculature represents the pelvic floor in its layers.The following muscles are represented and can be removed: - Obturatorius internus muscle (left and right) - Piriformis muscle (left...
€125.28 €156.60
Brain model, 5 parts
This carefully painted model of a brain in life size can be divided in right and left brain half. The left half can be divided into 4 parts. These are Frontal with parietal lobes, Temporal with occipital lobes as well as half of brain...
Foot skeleton with ligaments
Life size foot skeleton with representation of the ligamentous apparatus with related muscles. All bones of the foot as well as start of tibia and fibula are represented separately. The following muscles with ligaments are present:...
Female Pelvis, life size, 3-part
This life size model is median sagittal sectioned and shows the female pelvis in 3 parts. Additional to muscles and vessels of the abdomen it depicts particularly the urogenital organs. Removable are one half of the uterus, vagina and...
Anatomical brain model, life-size, 5 parts
This life-sized brain model is carefully painted in realistic color depicting the major anatomy of the brain. The left half comes apart in four pieces- the frontal and parietal, the temporal and occipital, the brainstem, and the...
€69.60 €87.00
Functional and regional brain model, life-size,...
This life-size brain model shows the major anatomical landmarks and cortical areas of the brain in carefully painted color. The right half is painted to show the four lobes of the brain: parietal, temporal, occipital, and frontal. The...
€73.31 €91.64
Miniature torso, 16-part, dual sex
Reproduction of a human torso in about half life size. Perfect for use as desktop model or for studying the basic anatomy. The model consists of the following parts: Basic body, two head halves, one with removable brain, two lung halves,...
€128.99 €161.24
Torso with open back, 27-part, dual sex
A complete life size torso with open back, composed of 27 parts that provide the most important organs and anatomical structures in the human body. The head is sectioned to expose the skull, brain, mouth and throat region as well as the...
€555.87 €694.84
Artery with 4 artery sections
Longitudinal section of an artery with constriction caused by plaque adsorption. Four cross sections on the base show step-by-step build-up of plaque at the artery wall. Size: 14 x 18 x 13 cm, weight: 0.4 kg
Skin block model
This model of a human skin in about 50 times life size shows 3 dimensional the different skin layers and anatomical structures. In addition to nerves and blood vessels the model shows sweat glands, sebaceous glands, hair follicles,...
Skin-hair-nail desktop model
With this model it is easy to compare the structures of hairy and hairless skin: sensitive corpuscles, blood vessels, sweat gland, nerves, hair and hair root. Additionally a nail cross section model shows nail bed, nail plate and nail...
Uterus model
Life size model of a healthy uterus. Anatomy is shown in detail, structures are carefully painted by hand. Cervix, endocervical canal, uterine cavity are sectioned to show endometrium and myomterium. Also one fallopian tube and one ovary...
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