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Eye half, enlarged - EZ Augmented Anatomy
Cross section through the eyeball. The following anatomy is shown: Choroid, Retina, Macula, Optic disc, Optic nerve, central retinal artery and vein, retinal blood vessels, superior and inferior rectus muscle, ora serrata, lens, iris,...
Eye model, 4 times life size, 6 parts - EZ...
Complex hand painted reproduction of a human eye in about 4 times life size. The model includes two halves of sclera with retina and eye muscle attachments as well as vitreous humour, lens, cornea and iris. The model has 6 parts in...
Eye, 6 times life size, 6 parts
Model can be divided horizontally to show internal details. Cornea, iris, lens and vitreous body can be removed. Muscular attachments on the sclera and part of the choroid are also represented. Mounted on stand. Diameter of eyeball: 15...
Eyeball with Functional Lens, 6-times...
Featured on the exterior of the cornea are the large lacrimal gland, muscle attachments, optic nerve and blood vessels. To study interior features, the iris/cornea unit can be removed as can the functional lucite lens which magnifies and...
Eye in orbit with eyelid
This 13-part model, enlarged approximately 2