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4-Piece Diabetes Model
Four piece model indicating structures and organs with vascular effects due to diabetes. Includes sectioned model of Bowman‘s capsule (kidney), artery, nerve, eye (posterior section). Full model size without handle: 8.9 x 5.1 x 5.4 cm,...
Human Embryo, 4 weeks
This model, about 40 time life size, shows structural details of a human embryo at 4 weeks of development.
Breast cross section with diseases
Cross section of a female breast in life size with multiple diseases. The model shows IBC, precancerosis, ILC, IDC, Paget‘s disease, fibroadenoma, pseudo lump, mastopathy and cysts. The model also shows normal anatomy of the breast as...
Osteoarthritis (OA) Hand
Full size right hand with cutaway views to reveal effects of osteoarthritis, including: osteophytes (bone spurs), Heberden‘s and Bouchard‘s nodes, and swan neck deformity of the thumb. Shows other anatomy affected by osteoarthritis:...
Foot replica for nursing practice
This first class casts of real human female feet with start of lower leg is perfect for nursing practice, bandaging or washing. Soft, tissue-like material with carefully reproduced separate toes makes the model perfect for hygienic...
Demonstration figure correct and wrong lifting
This lifting manikin displays clearly the conditions of the spine during right or wrong lifting. If the manikin lifts the load correctly, which means it bends the knees and straightens the back, all vertebrae stay together as one and the...
Goniometer, plastic
Goniometer, plastic. For measuring the movability of the limbs joints.
Finger Goniometer, plastic
Finger Goniometer, plastic, for measuring the movability of finger joints.