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Female Pelvis, life size, 3-part
This life size model is median sagittal sectioned and shows the female pelvis in 3 parts. Additional to muscles and vessels of the abdomen it depicts particularly the urogenital organs. Removable are one half of the uterus, vagina and...
Male genital organs, 4 part
This life size 4 part model is dissected through the median sagittal plane and provides excellent views of external and internal structures. The removable parts include two halves of the penis, showing medial and transverse sections, and...
Uterus model
Life size model of a healthy uterus. Anatomy is shown in detail, structures are carefully painted by hand. Cervix, endocervical canal, uterine cavity are sectioned to show endometrium and myomterium. Also one fallopian tube and one ovary...
Prostate Model, 2-part
This model shows very impressive the changes of the prostate caused by BPH. One side of the model shows a healthy prostate with bladder and the other half has a diseased prostate with narrowing of the urethra and residual urine. On...
Placental Circulation
A detailed model, natural-size, showing all the major structures of the placenta in realistic coloring, manufactured in flexible material. The cotyledons on the maternal surface are shown, with the amnion and chorion membranes on the...
Foetal Circulation
A one piece, half schematic model of the foetal heart, lungs, liver placenta and cord, aorta and vena cava in distinctive colours and marked to show the circulation and direction of flow of the blood. Mounted on base: 27 x 44 cm
Female pelvis section, reduced size
Median section of a female pelvis reduced to about half life size. Representation of female reproductive system, bladder, urethra and rectum. With educational card (German/English).
Male pelvis section, reduced size
Median section of a male pelvis reduced to about half life size. Representation of male reproductive system, bladder, prostate, urethra and rectum.
Prostate diseases
Complete unit includes six full size prostates. Conditions shown include: normal prostate; normal size prostate with hard nodule below right lobe surface; prostate with enlarged right lobe; enlarged prostate, symetrical surface, slight...
Diseases of bladder and prostate
This life-size model is sectioned along the frontal plane and shows, five different pathologies of the male urinary bladder in the typical location: cystitis, bladder stones, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), diverticulum, as well as...
Pregnancy Model Set, 9 models
This series was developed in co-operation with a German midwifery school and is composed of 8 life-size models and one enlarged model. It illustrates the human development from the 4th week to the 24th week. All the main anatomical...
Pregnancy Pelvis with Fetus in the 32nd week of...
This life size model depicts the female human pelvis in median section with a fetus in the 32nd week of pregnancy. The fetus is in the normal presentation and position. The model depicts graphically the position and relation of fetus and...
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