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Torso with open back, 27-part, dual sex
A complete life size torso with open back, composed of 27 parts that provide the most important organs and anatomical structures in the human body. The head is sectioned to expose the skull, brain, mouth and throat region as well as the...
Sexless torso, 12 parts
This sexless life-size torso is composed of 12 parts. Accurate in all of its detailing, this model is a useful tool to show the human anatomy in any classroom. Structures are numbered and identified on the accompanying key-card. The head...
Miniature torso, 16-part, dual sex
Reproduction of a human torso in about half life size. Perfect for use as desktop model or for studying the basic anatomy. The model consists of the following parts: Basic body, two head halves, one with removable brain, two lung halves,...