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Skeleton of foot with tibia and fibula...
True to life casting of a human foot with tibia and fibular insertion. The foot is movable mounted on rubber and the rolling motion can therefore be demonstrated admirably.
Didactic skeleton “Oscar”
First class reproduction of a male adult skeleton. This skeleton is manufactured after our strict quality regulations. The stable mounting and robust structure guarantees a long lasting quality even in intensive use. THE FOLLOWING...
Female pelvis with sacrum, 2 lumbar vertebrae...
Natural casting of an adult female pelvis The pelvis can be disassembled fast and easily. It is mounted with rubber bands completey to allow an exceptional range of movement. With flexibly mounted L5 and L4. The femoral stumps are...
Skeleton of arm with shoulder girdle
True to life casting of a skeleton of the human arm. The rolling movements of the bones of the lower arm (pronation and supination) and movements of the hand joint can be demonstrated. The hand is mobile-mounted on wire.
Scapula (shoulder blade)
Excellent casting of the bones of an adult male.
Humerus (upper arm)
Excellent casting of the bones of an adult male.
Vertebrae, individual (C1 to L5)
Excellent casting of the bones of an adult male. Please state the desired vertebrae (C1 to L5).
Vertebral column with pelvis, didactical coloured
Highest quality natural casting of a human vertebral column with removable pelvis. The cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine is finished in different colours for better differentiation. The model is mounted on a flexible metal spiral hose,...
Female pelvis with 2 lumbar vertebrae, flexible...
Like model 4058, but mounted on rubber and fully moveable.
Female pelvic floor model, 12 parts
This new model of a female pelvis with pelvic floor musculature represents the pelvic floor in its layers.The following muscles are represented and can be removed: - Obturatorius internus muscle (left and right) - Piriformis muscle (left...
Osteopathic Skull Model, 22 part, didactical...
This fascinating model of an average European adult skull can be disassembled into 22 single bones. During development of this model one of the main targets was to make the model easy to assemble and dismantle. Stable parts with...
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Stages of Disc Degeneration
This model consists of 4 vertebrae pairs and shows additionally to the normal condition three different pathologies: slight disc damage, prolapse with bone degeneration and advanced bone and disc degeneration. The vertebrae pairs are...
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