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Herniated disc simulator
This model of two lumbar vertebrae in about double life size has the opportunity to demonstrate a lateral intervertebral disc hernia. If the two vertebrae are pressed together, the inner core of the disc will be protruding to the...
Vertebra Pen Holder with pen
Vetrebra Pen holder for decorative storage of your pens. Including Erler-Zimmer ball pen with spine clip.
Healthy / osteoporotic bone structure...
This highly enlarged model of the bone structure shows healthy structure on one side and structure with osteoporotic changes on the other side. Because of the direct comparison the patient understands without many explanation how his...
Bone structure model, 500 times life size
Depicting a fragment of compact bone about the size of a pinhead magnified approximately 500 times, this model shows one complete haversian system and a portion of two others in cross-section. Lamellae are cut away at various depths in...