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Flexible vertebral column
A flexible life size vertebral column consisting of the occipital plate; cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae; sacrum; coccyx; and complete pelvis. Features include representations of the vertebral arteries, spinal nerve branches, and...
Flexible vertebral column with femur heads
A flexible life size vertebral column consisting of the occipital plate; cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae; sacrum; coccyx; complete pelvis with symphysis; and removable femur heads. The model also features representations of the...
Cervical vertebral column with stand
C1 to C7, in addition to a segment of the base of the skull are flexibly mounted. With spinal cord and emerging spinal nerves. All movements in the cervical spine area and head joints can be demonstrated. With removable stand.
Vertebrae, individual (C1 to L5)
Excellent casting of the bones of an adult male. Please state the desired vertebrae (C1 to L5).
Herniated disc simulator
This model of two lumbar vertebrae in about double life size has the opportunity to demonstrate a lateral intervertebral disc hernia. If the two vertebrae are pressed together, the inner core of the disc will be protruding to the...
Vertebral column with pelvis
Highest quality natural casting of a human vertebral column with removable pelvis. The model is mounted on a flexible metal spiral hose, which renders the vertebral column robust and simultaneously highly mobile. The special flexible...
Head articulations, natural size with stand
This model offers all the possibilities of 4083, but is represented in natural size. With removable stand.
Head articulations, 2 x enlargement with stand
This model, which is unique world-wide, consists of cervical vertebra C3, axis C2, atlas C1 and a segment of the occipital bone. All components are represented in 2 x enlargement for improved demonstration. With this model, the movements...
Vertebra collection, 8 vertebrae with stand
2 lumbar vertebrae, 2 thoracic vertebrae, 2 cervical vertebrae in addition to atlas and axis are threaded loosely on rubber and offer the possibility of studying each individual vertebra in detail. All structures, joint surfaces,...
Miniature Spinal Column
Scaled down model of the human spinal column, approx. ½ life size. All bones are individually represented. This fully moveable model shows the vertebrae, the segment at the base of the skull, pelvis, intervertebral discs, the vertebral...
Lumbar spine with pelvis
5 lumbar vertebrae with sacrum, additionally with removable pelvis.
Stand for Spine
With this elegant table stand, it is possible to leave the vertebral column in all natural positions for demonstration purposes. The stand is easy to fit and remove via a simple push-fit connector. The stand is easily portable and only 6...
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