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Single breast examination trainer
The Single Breast Examination Trainer has been designed for use in education in breast cancer prevention and breast self-examination. Breast self-examination is an important way of detecting cancer at an early, more treatable stage. Use...
Scrotal Ultrasound Phantom
Scrotal Ultrasound Phantom provides trainees life-like training with high quality ultrasound images. Interchangeable normal and cancerous phantoms offer not only an anatomical understanding but also pathological images. Training Skills -...
A-B-C breast examination set
Teaching models available in three different breast (cup) sizes, because all women are not the same. The set includes small (142 ml), medium (255 ml), and large (794 ml) models. Each model contains five lumps which, just as in real life,...
Breast model
Use the Breast Examination Simulator for teaching and practicing breast palpation techniques. This is an excellent model for hospitals and medical clinics to use in teaching women the proper techniques of breast examination. Special skin...
ZACK Multipurpose Male Care Simulator
A full-size male lower torso with an internal bladder for catheterization, four interchangeable prostates (depicting moderately enlarged benign prostate, prostate with two discreet nodules, prostate with easily palpable large mass, and...
Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching
The new Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching combines state-of-the-art materials to create a realistic look, feel, and texture in addition to lifelike softness and durability. The simulator incorporates a combination of left...
Prostate & Rectal Simulator
The Prostate & Rectal Simulator include 9 types of prostates and 4 types of rectums that are easily changeable and can be positioned in 3 different ways. Training Skills: - Digital-examination of the prostate and rectum - Insertion and...
Rectal examination model
This model was developed to give the opportunity for lifelike digital rectal examination training. The unisex model can be modified with 4 different inserts to represent different patient cases. It comes with 4 modules: - Normal - Cancer...
Prostate examination trainer
This trainer allows the realistic practice of the digital prostate examination. The model comes with 10 different prostate inserts. 5 of these insert can be placed inside the model simultaneously, the teacher can easily switch between...
Prostate Examination Trainer
The trainer is supplied as a four sided box housing 4 prostates: Normal Benign, Enlarged Benign, Early Malignant, Advanced Malignant. - Realistic tactile feeling - No prostates must be replaced - Each is identified via a single, gloved...
Lung cancer model
This impressive model shows the left lung half of a smoker. The model can be opened and shows a greyish-white, fibrous-feeling cancer. A model for real dramatically demonstration!
Testicle Self Examination Model
Self-examination of the testicles is just as important as self-examination of the female breasts for early detection of tumours. Providing exceptional realism, this simulator features soft, thin outer skin with delicate underlying...
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