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Lung cancer model
This impressive model shows the left lung half of a smoker. The model can be opened and shows a greyish-white, fibrous-feeling cancer. A model for real dramatically demonstration!
Breast cross section with diseases
Cross section of a female breast in life size with multiple diseases. The model shows IBC, precancerosis, ILC, IDC, Paget‘s disease, fibroadenoma, pseudo lump, mastopathy and cysts. The model also shows normal anatomy of the breast as...
Breast cancer palpation model
Life size model of a female breast made of tissue-like material. The model includes a palpable lump as well as a mastopathy. The supplied educational card shows the position of the lumps as well as the statistical distribution of...
Breast Self Examination Simulator
The BSE simulator has received top marks from healthcare professionals. They are thrilled with its durability, texture, and realism. Now with new softer & more realistic breasts. Teaching is made easy and realistic since the BSE...
Advanced Breast Exam Simulator
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women; a properly performed manual examination is an important way of detecting cancer at an early, more treatable, stage. The Advanced Breast Exam Simulator offers...
Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching
The new Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching combines state-of-the-art materials to create a realistic look, feel, and texture in addition to lifelike softness and durability. The simulator incorporates a combination of left...
A-B-C breast examination set
Teaching models available in three different breast (cup) sizes, because all women are not the same. The set includes small (142 ml), medium (255 ml), and large (794 ml) models. Each model contains five lumps which, just as in real life,...
Breast model
Use the Breast Examination Simulator for teaching and practicing breast palpation techniques. This is an excellent model for hospitals and medical clinics to use in teaching women the proper techniques of breast examination. Special skin...
Single breast examination trainer
The Single Breast Examination Trainer has been designed for use in education in breast cancer prevention and breast self-examination. Breast self-examination is an important way of detecting cancer at an early, more treatable stage. Use...
Breast cancer palpation model
True to life replica of a female breast with pathological changes. Suitable for instruction in self-examination, but also for physicians and medical specialists. Owing to the possibility of strapping the model around the patient,...
Breast cancer palpation model
True to life replica of a female breast with pathological changes. Suitable for training of physicians and medical specialists, but also for instruction in self-examination. Via the use of various special synthetic materials, this model...
Prostate Examination Simulator
This simulator consists of a male abdomen body and 4 different interchangeable prostate glands which can be inserted to allow realistic practice in diagnosis by rectal examination. Supplied with lubricant, cleaner and transport case. The...
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