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Face shields for R19150
Face shields for CPR child manikin R19150. Pack of 50 pieces.
Face shields for R19100
Face shields for CPR Torso R19100. 50 pieces for group education.
Replacement pads, 1 pair for R19500
Replacement pads, 1 pair for R19500
Face shields for R19200
Face shields for CPR Baby R19200. Set with 50 pieces.
Sanitary Airways for R19150
Sanitary Airways for CPR manikin child R19150. Pack of 50 pieces.
Wound Packing Trainer
This affordable and realistic Wound Packing Simulator is ideal for emergency training and the simulation patient program. Shown is a realistic bullet wound with bleeding function caused by a large gun caliber, ideal for training the...
€287.10 €319.00
Casualty Simulation Set Basic
The most economical way to get started in simulated injuries. Re-useable wounds and refillable accessories let you practice bandaging and splinting techniques repeatedly. The kit is supplied in a storage case and includes: Bleeding...
Brad Compact CPR Training Manikin
This economical CPR manikin is constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over polyurethane foam for a "human" feel. Features include a longer torso for realistic abdominal thrusts, realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening airway,...
€328.86 €365.40
Sanitary Airways for R19100
Sanitary Airways for CPR Torso R19100. Set of 50 pieces.
Airways for R19200
Airways for CPR Baby R19200. Set with 50 pieces.
Prestan AED Trainer Plus
This AED Trainer Plus most closely resembles brand AED Trainers in size and weight for a realistic training experience. Platform independent, rugged, economically priced, and with low consumables cost it is the perfect AED trainer for...
€206.71 €229.68
Remote control for AED Trainer Plus R19500
Accessory for R19500. Allows the instructor to control the functions of the AED trainer Plus R19500 during excercise.
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