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Prestan Take2
Prestan has now bundled the most popular products into an assortment pack. This set includes following: - 2 Prestan Professional Adult Manikins (R19100) - 2 Prestan Professional Baby Manikins (R19200) - 2 Prestan AED UltraTrainers...
Deluxe „Plus“ CRiSis- manikin with CPR Metrix...
The Adult CRiSis Manikins are complete resuscitation systems with five stations allowing you to practice different scenarios. Each manikin consists of a full body CPR manikin, IV Arm, Blood Pressure Arm, Defibrillation Chest Skin, and...
Wound Packing Trainer
This affordable and realistic Wound Packing Simulator is ideal for emergency training and the simulation patient program. Shown is a realistic bullet wound with bleeding function caused by a large gun caliber, ideal for training the...
Little Family Pack
Little Family Pack is a convenient package of age-specific CPR training manikins with a wheeled carry case for ease of transport and storage. Now Little Anne and Little Junior come with QCPR feedback technology, to help instructors...
Replacement airways, 24 pcs for Baby Anne
Replacement airways for Baby Anne R20301 and R20301-1. Pack of 24 pieces.
Replacement face skins, 6 pcs for Baby Anne
Replacement face skins for Baby Anne R20301 and R20301-1. Pack of 6 pieces.
Replacement airways, 12 pcs for Resusci Junior...
Replacement airwaysfor Resusci Junior QCPR R20266. Pack of 12 pieces.
Replacement face skins, 6 pcs for Resusci...
Replacement face skins for Resusci Junior QCPR R20266. Pack of 6 pieces.
Baby Anne with carry bag
The Baby Anne manikin is an inexpensive training model for instruction of parents.
Resusci Junior QCPR
The Resusci Junior manikin offers realistic, high-quality child CPR education. - Realistic anatomical body and landmarks provide the essential features necessary to learn realistic child handling and quality child CPR skills - Life-like...
Prestan AED UltraTrainer
The Prestan AED UltraTrainer offers features not found on any other universal AED trainer and is the most accurate representation of how current AEDs in the marketplace perform. This compact and lightweight unit will give students a...
Resusci Anne QCPR full body AED with airway head
Resusci Anne QCPR sets a new standard for high quality CPR training. The new feedback devices provide learners and instructors with clear feedback on how to improve their performance, the opportunity to improve competency through...
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