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S.A.L.A.D. Simulator
Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination (S.A.L.A.D.) simulator uses suction to enhance first pass success-laryngoscopy (FPS-L) with a non-anesthetized patient in active emesis. - Simulates a non-anesthetized patient for...
Difficult Airway Management Simulator for...
This trainer allows for realistic training in insertion and management of a fiberscope. Anatomically correct trachea and bronchi provide realistic view through a scope, allowing recognition of bronchus and bifurcations for segmental...
Bronchial tree for bronchofiberscopy for R16060
Bronchial tree for bronchofiberscopy for R16060.
Demonstration Model Difficult Airway Management
Compact table-top design, anatomical accuracy and a variety of Difficult Airway Management settings. Ideal for demonstration of skills and devices. Features: - Anatomically correct airway - The incisors break when excessive force is...
Difficult Airway Management Simulator
The Difficult Airway Management Simulator provides training for users of all levels of experience with availability of 24 different cases. The robust structure and stable base make the model compatible for various training scenarios such...
Tracheotomy – moulage
This self-adhering tracheotomy can be used on standardized patients (SP) to practice tracheotomy care realistically. The moulage comes without cannula, normal cannulas can be used.
Airway Larry Adult Airway Management Trainer...
The Airway Larry Airway Management Trainer simulates a nonanesthetized patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, suction, and CPR techniques. Realistic anatomy and landmarks including teeth, tongue, oral and nasal pharynx, larynx,...
Airway Trainer
This handheld device offers a convenient and affordable method for basic life support instructors to show students the sizing and installation of upper airway devices such as oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal, and larynx mask airways....
Cricothyrotomy Trainer „Berlin“
This universal trainer facilitates the training of Cricothyrotomy. It features a replaceable skin cover and a moveable chin. Because of its special construction the skin cover is adjustable, allowing multiple procedures with only one...
Cricothyrotomy and Tracheostomy Trainer...
This universal trainer facilitates the training of Cricothyrotomy as well as Percutaneous Tracheostomy. It features a replaceable trachea and skin cover. Because of its special construction the skin cover is adjustable, allowing multiple...
Economy Adult Airway Management Trainer with Board
This detailed adult intubation head comes mounted for clinical teaching and practice of advanced airway management. Intubation procedures and skills, including anatomy knowledge and recognition, endotracheal intubation, nasotracheal...
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