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Face skins for Resusci Anne
Replacement face skins, set of 6 pieces
Sanitary Airways for R19100
Sanitary Airways for CPR Torso R19100. Set of 50 pieces.
Airways for Resusci Anne
Replacement airways, set of 24 pieces
Airways for R19200
Airways for CPR Baby R19200. Set with 50 pieces.
Prestan CPR Torso with indicating function
Simple to use CPR Manikin with sanitary airway/face shield. For use with single students using the sanitary airway/face shield or for multiple studens use with optional filtered face shield to avoid infections. The torso has a built-in...
Face shields for R19150
Face shields for CPR child manikin R19150. Pack of 50 pieces.
Prestan Collection
All of the wonderful Prestan CPR manikins in one attractive set. Adult, child and baby with CPR monitor. The description of the single products R19100, R19200 and R19150. Prestan manikins comply with latest AHA, ARC and ERC guidelines.
Prestan AED UltraTrainer
The Prestan AED UltraTrainer offers features not found on any other universal AED trainer and is the most accurate representation of how current AEDs in the marketplace perform. This compact and lightweight unit will give students a...
Resusci Anne QCPR full body with airway head
Resusci Anne QCPR sets a new standard for high quality CPR training. The new feedback devices provide learners and instructors with clear feedback on how to improve their performance, the opportunity to improve competency through...
Mouth/Nose pieces for R10054 and R10059
Mouth/Nose pieces for CPR Torso R10054 and R10059
Replacement lungs for waterrescue/CPR manikin,...
Spare lungs for water resuce doll R10092-1. Set of 24pcs.
Prestan AED Trainer Plus
This AED Trainer Plus most closely resembles brand AED Trainers in size and weight for a realistic training experience. Platform independent, rugged, economically priced, and with low consumables cost it is the perfect AED trainer for...
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