Casualty Care Rescue Randy

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The Casualty Care Rescue Randy was designed using „Strategic Operations Hyper-Realistic®... more
Product information "Casualty Care Rescue Randy"
The Casualty Care Rescue Randy was designed using „Strategic Operations Hyper-Realistic® technology“ and is perfect for service members to be trained in TCCC (Tactical Combat Casulaty Care) and TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care).

Its training opportunities include the treeatment of the 3 most preventable cuases of death:
- Massive Bleeding (Femoral and Brachial extremity wounds, Inguinal and Carotid junctional wounds - Treatment interventions Extremity and junctional tourniquets, wound packing and pressure bandage)
- Tension Pneumothorax (Needle decompression 4th/5th ICS axillary and 2nd/3rd ICS mid-clavicular) as well as pentrating chest wound (Chest Seal)
- Aiway obstruction (Nasopharyngeal, Oropharyngeal, Cricothyroidotomy)

It offers the following features:
- Rugged full body manikin with articulated joints
- Weight-distributed to mimic the human anatomy
- Holds 3-4 liters of blood
- Pumping system with regulator simulating human blood flow pressure (2-3) psi
- Manual foot operated blood puming system allows 3 wounds to bleed simultaneously
- Optional electric deluxe puming system allowing 4 wounds to bleed simultaneously

Comes with:
- blod powder (makes 5 gallons)
- 3 repairable neck skins
- 10 repairable tracheas
- 1 repair set

Male manikin.
Size: 165 x 63,5 x 30,5 cm, weight: ca. 55 kg
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