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Vulva-Casts showing antomical differences
All vulva casts are actual casts of real women. A life-like appearance is the result. The outer female anatomy is represented with its finest details and structures. Detailed and surprisingly authentic these casts show smallest wrinkles,...
Gynecological Examination Simulator
This model allows practical training in basic gynecological examinations. This is a model best suited for educational purposes for doctors-in-training and medical students not only in gynecology but in general medical practice as well....
Female genital organs
This replica of the female genital organs in natural size is cut in the median plane and can be folded open for a better understanding. The labia majora and minora, vagina, cervix, neck of the uterus, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries...
Gynecological Training Manikin
A lifelike female pelvis for developing diagnostic skills in gynecologic procedures, anatomical instruction, abdominal palpation, and speculum instruction. The model allows the comprehensive, stress free introduction of gynecological...
Gynaecologic Simulator
Designed by physicians for physicians and health care providers, this gynaecologic examination simulator combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynaecologic procedures as well as practice laparoscopic examination and...
Set of seven uteri for R10183
Set of seven normal and abnormal uteri with external palpable pathologies for Gynaecologic Simulator R10183.
Set of seven uteri for R10183
Set of seven normal and abnormal uteri with internal pathologies for hysteroscopic viewing for Gynaecologic Simulator R10183.
48 hour postpartum uterus for R10183
48 hour postpartum uterus with duckbill cervix and fallopian tubes for IUD insertion, using long curved forceps for Gynaecologic Simulator R10183.
Postpartum uterus for R10183
Postpartum uterus, 10 minutes after birth, for training of IUD insertion for Gynaecologic Simulator R10183.
Hysteroscopy Simulator
This simulator features: - Full size female adult lower torso with removable soft outer skin - Seven uteri including normal "control" uterus with healthy internal and external appearance - Internal anatomic artwork of normal and abnormal...
GYN/AID Gynaecological Simulator
The full size female adult lower body gives students and educators a graphic experience in vaginal speculum examination, bi-manual pelvic examination, IUD insertion techniques, diaphragm sizing and fitting, uterine sounding, and viewing...
ZOE Gynecological Skills Trainer
The ZOE Simulator is an adult-sized lower torso designed to add hands-on experience for learners practicing gynecologic skills. Realistic anatomy helps educators train clinical skills for easy transition to scenario-based simulations....
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