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Arm skin for 7010
Arm skin for Injection arm 7010.
Injection pad for 7010
Injection pad for Injection arm 7010.
Hand skin for 7010
Hand skin for Injection arm 7010.
Blood-colored fluid, 250ml
Blood-colored fluid, 250 ml.
Vein for 7010
Vein for Injection arm 7010.
Training arm intravenous injection
This injection training model has the most injectable veins. The following veins can be punctured: - Basilic V. - Dorsal metacarpal V. - Median basilic V. - Cephalic V. - Digital V. - Median cephalic V. - Accessory cephalic V. - Thumb V....
Advanced Injection Belly
This soft stomach replica is an invaluable tool for showing how to properly insert and rotate the infusion set for insulin pumps, avoiding the 5 cm area around the navel, as well as giving many types of self-injections (including...
Training arm for intravenous injection and...
Specially developed for the Swiss army, this model offers the possibility of practicing blood sampling, injection and infusion. Two injection sites, one on the elbow and the other on the lower arm, allow palpation of the vein under the...
Training arm for intravenous injection
The injection model is intended to give the prospective physician and medical auxiliary staff the opportunity of practicing intravenous injection. The model consists of soft synthetic material with an exchangeable skin in addition to an...
Skin for 7020
Skin for Injection arm 7020.
Vein for 7020
Vein for Injection arm 7020.
Injection pad for 7020
Injection pad for Injection arm 7020.
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