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Vein for 7020
Vein for Injection arm 7020.
Skin for 7020
Skin for Injection arm 7020.
Strap-on vaccination trainer for IM and...
This trainer enables intramuscular injection to be practiced, as is typically done when vaccinating. The model can be used as a vaccination trainer, but also as a normal IM injection trainer and as a subcutaneous injection trainer. The...
Simulator for i.m. injection and punch biopsy...
Training model for training of the i.m. puncture procedure as well as for the procedure of iliac crest puncture. The model includes an artificial pelvis made of material similar to human bone which can be punctured repeatedly. Fluid...
Intradermal injection trainer
This simulator consists of a flexible skin on an arched base. The realistic condition and optical appearance of the skin creates natural training opportunities. The simulator has six locations for training of intradermal injections. If...
Training arm for intravenous injection and...
The high-quality Erler Zimmer injection arm offers a wide range of application possibilities for professional and realistic training of blood collection, ideally suited for the training and further education of medical personnel. The...
Injection pad for 7020
Injection pad for Injection arm 7020.
Intramuscular injection model
A simple to use and economically priced model for intramuscular injection training. Made of lifelike, soft material. It can be punctured repeatedly. Fluid use is not recommended.
Training model for intradermal, subcutaneous...
Simple and easy to use training model made of soft and realistic material for life like training of intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection. The material can be punctured repeatedly without showing needle holes. The...
Injection Belly
This soft stomach replica will be an invaluable tool for teaching patients how to properly insert and rotate the infusion set for insulin pumps, avoiding the 5 cm area around the navel, as well as giving self-injections of many types...
I.v. Injection Trainer fit-on type, set of 5
This set of 5 injection trainers allows the training of i.v. injection directly on a person, without the risk of any harm. The punctureproof pads can be attached at the arm of the training partner and the puncture can be practiced...
Chester Chest with standard arm (without space...
Like model ref. R18803 but just with standard arm.
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