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Intraosseous Infusion trainer, Infant
This lower body of a six-month-old infant has two intraosseous injection sites. The bones are connected with a tubing system to allow aspiration of blood. Supplied with 10 replacement bones, 2 replacement skins and a transport case.
Child Intraosseous Infusion / Femoral Access Leg
The Intraosseous Infusion/Femoral Access Leg is mounted on a stand for use as an independent skills station. Features for intraosseous infusion practice include: palpable landmarks including the patella, tibia, and tibial tuberosity;...
Intraosseous training leg adult
Lower leg of an adult with the opportunity of training intraosseous access. Improve your training and explain the whole procedure of intraosseous access. Bone and skin are replaceable. Aspiration of fluid is not possible. Weight: appr....
Adult Intraosseous Infusion Simulator
Use to enhance training of intraosseous infusion procedures using B.I.G. and EZ-IO devices or almost any other intraosseous infusion devices available. The leg is uid capable and a blood source is accessible through the injection site....