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Vein for 7020
Vein for Injection arm 7020.
Skin for 7020
Skin for Injection arm 7020.
Training arm for intravenous injection and...
The high-quality Erler Zimmer injection arm offers a wide range of application possibilities for professional and realistic training of blood collection, ideally suited for the training and further education of medical personnel. The...
Injection pad for 7020
Injection pad for Injection arm 7020.
I.v. Injection Trainer fit-on type, set of 5
This set of 5 injection trainers allows the training of i.v. injection directly on a person, without the risk of any harm. The punctureproof pads can be attached at the arm of the training partner and the puncture can be practiced...
Strap-on IV Puncture trainer
Bring more realism to your standardized patient program. With this strap-on IV puncture pad it is possible to interact directly with the actor while practicing iv puncture on arm or leg without the danger of any injury. The replaceable...
Hand skin for 7010
Hand skin for Injection arm 7010.
Arm skin for 7010
Arm skin for Injection arm 7010.
Vein for 7010, set of 2
Vein for Injection arm 7010.
Injection pad for 7010
Injection pad for Injection arm 7010.
Training arm for intravenous injection
The injection model is intended to give the prospective physician and medical auxiliary staff the opportunity of practicing intravenous injection. The model consists of soft synthetic material with an exchangeable skin in addition to an...
Blood-colored fluid, 250ml
Blood-colored fluid, 250 ml. For use with injection training arms or for wound simulation.
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