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Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer
The Trainer is designed to help trainee anesthetists acquire the necessary tactile skills for epidural anesthesia prior to hands-on patient experience. If the epidural needle is inserted too deeply a slight resistance is felt before the...
Upgrade kit for simulation of Obese patients...
Upgrade kit for simulation of Obese patients for Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer R10077. Cannot be used without the simulator. Simulator not included.
Extra long tubes for R10077
Spare part for R10077, especially long spinal tubes for group training with epidural and spinal injection traner R10077. Set of 3pcs. Trainer not included.
Fluid Filled Spinal Cords for R10077
Fluid Filled Spinal Cords (length 15cm) pre-filled tubes supplied as standard
Replacement Skin for R10077
Replacement Skin for Lumbar Epidural Injection Trainer R10077
Lumbar Puncture Trainer
Provides realistic tactile feedback combined with a uid supply and pressure system, allowing the collection of CSF and measurement of opening pressure. Ideal for practicing injection of local anesthesia, aseptic technique, needle...
Paediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator
Infants commonly require lumbar puncture as a diagnostic procedure used to collect a sample of cerebrospinal uid (CSF), measure cerebrospinal uid pressure, or to inject medications intrathecally. The Pediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator...
Pediatric Caudal Injection Simulator
Caudal block is widely used as a safe, easy, and effective method of regional anesthesia in pediatric surgery. This unique dual purpose simulator represents a 12-month old infant in the left lateral decubitus position with neck and knees...
Replacement Kit for R11032
Ultrasound Compatible Lumbar Puncture /...
Ultrasound compatible puncture block is anatomically correct and offers realistic image of ultrasound. It includes lumbar vertebrae, spinous process, superior articular process, transverse process, epidural space and spinal dura mater....
Lumbar Spine Fluoroscopy Training Phantom
This phantom is the ideal training tool for hands-on workshop. Lumbar Spine Fluoroscopy Training Phantom allows various training methods of uoroscopy guided procedures in pain relief of the lumbar area. The phantom has two types of...
Epidural Anesthesia Simulator
This new simulator allows training of epidural anesthesia and lumbar puncture. It is made of lifelike materials and provides realistic touch and feel. The life size model has an anatomically correct spinal column covering the spine...
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