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Intravesical Urine Volume Measurement Training...
Pocket-sized ultrasound is becoming popular and start to be utilized in adult day care to check intravesical urine volume instead of catheterization which may cause urinary infection. The following Skills can be trained: - Handling and...
Ostomy Pouching Trainer
The Ostomy Pouching Trainer helps prepare patients, their families, and healthcare professionals for this life-changing event, improving their initial exposure and their future quality of life. The Ostomy Pouching Trainer will facilitate...
Newborn Nursing Skills and ALS Simulator
This training model was developed to meet the objectives of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program’s course curriculum published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It offers multiple training opportunities: Airway, Breathing, and...
Male genital for R16228
Male genital for R16228.
Grey wig for R16228
Grey wig for R16228.
Face mask elderly person for R16228
Face mask elderly person for R16228.
Patient Care Simulator „Yaye“
With its various patient settings and range of training features, „Yae“ brings uninterrupted training flow in community care and in-hospital procedures. Featuring more than 40 training skills, “Yae” serves an array of trainees from...
Technical setup on site for Nursing Kid (mandatory at purchase of Nursing Kid)
Technical setup on site for Nursing Kid...
Important: If a SimPad product is purchased for the first time, product training by the manufacturer is mandatory. This has to be ordered with P300. Shipment without product training is not possible.
Airway Suction Trainer
This lifelike reproduction of the human respiratory organs is designed for temporary airway suction and catheter insertion practice. It is a very effective tool with life-like tactile qualities for training in airway suction. Features: -...
Training phantom for ultrasonic detection of...
This unique training phantoms allows training of ultrasonic detection of DTI (deep tissue injury). The phantom has two replaceable pads in two locations where DTI typically occurs easily. One pad represents the sacral region, the other...
Foot replica for nursing practice
This first class casts of real human female feet with start of lower leg is perfect for nursing practice, bandaging or washing. Soft, tissue-like material with carefully reproduced separate toes makes the model perfect for hygienic...
Breast plate for implantable port
This simulator is composed of a soft part representing the skin, under which a rigid plate is attached to protect the carrier from any possible sting resulting from an incorrect gesture. Tthe implanted port and the blood bag are...
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