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Intravesical Urine Volume Measurement Training...
Pocket-sized ultrasound is becoming popular and start to be utilized in adult day care to check intravesical urine volume instead of catheterization which may cause urinary infection. The following Skills can be trained: - Handling and...
Airway Suction Trainer
This lifelike reproduction of the human respiratory organs is designed for temporary airway suction and catheter insertion practice. It is a very effective tool with life-like tactile qualities for training in airway suction. Features: -...
Foot replica for nursing practice
This first class casts of real human female feet with start of lower leg is perfect for nursing practice, bandaging or washing. Soft, tissue-like material with carefully reproduced separate toes makes the model perfect for hygienic...
Breast plate for implantable port
This simulator is composed of a soft part representing the skin, under which a rigid plate is attached to protect the carrier from any possible sting resulting from an incorrect gesture. Tthe implanted port and the blood bag are...
Simulation breast plate for tracheotomy care
This throat-plate is designed to be worn like a necklace (attached behind the neck). Its main purpose is to pratice exercises about handling and cleaning a tracheotomy tube, whether for medical professionals (nurses, care assistant...)...
Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator
The simulator imitates the special shape of the urethral canal of a male patient. A urinary bladder catheter is inserted according to a suitable technique to reach the bladder. Reaching the bladder causes urine (water) to flow out. The...
Tracheostomy management simulator
This model can be used to practice the procedures carried out for tracheostomy patients in the fields of nursing and caregiving when replacing cannulas or performing suction through a cannula. The model can be divided into two halves and...
Transparent Laryngopharynx Model
This is a transparent model that reproduces the laryngopharynx three-dimensionally, from the oropharynx to the hypopharynx. It is useful in explanations to help people understand the complex structure of the laryngopharynx, and can be...
Nasogastric Intubation Model
This instructional model shows a median section through nose, mouth, pharynx, trachea, oesophagus and stomach. Plastic feeding tubes or catheters may be passed through the nose or mouth into the oesophagus and stomach. A tracheostoma has...
Common Foot Problems
An incredibly realistic, life-size, handpainted foot replica moulded from an actual human foot. Abnormalities include: bunion, callus, corn, inflamed toenail, open sore, and dry, cracked skin. Great for use when working with diabetic...
Stump Bandaging Lower Torso
Lower torso with amputation stumps for bandaging training. Life size.
Stump Bandaging Upper Torso
Upper torso with amputation stumps for bandaging training. Life size.
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