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Newborn Nursing Skills and ALS Simulator
This training model was developed to meet the objectives of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program’s course curriculum published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It offers multiple training opportunities: Airway, Breathing, and...
Male genital for R16228
Male genital for R16228.
Face mask elderly person for R16228
Face mask elderly person for R16228.
Grey wig for R16228
Grey wig for R16228.
Patient Care Simulator „Yaye“
With its various patient settings and range of training features, „Yae“ brings uninterrupted training flow in community care and in-hospital procedures. Featuring more than 40 training skills, “Yae” serves an array of trainees from...
Technical setup on site for Nursing Kid (mandatory at purchase of Nursing Kid)
Technical setup on site for Nursing Kid...
Important: If a SimPad product is purchased for the first time, product training by the manufacturer is mandatory. This has to be ordered with P300. Shipment without product training is not possible.
SimPad PLUS System complete, without Software...
Simplify your simulation program with SimPad PLUS. Using the SimPad System multiple Laerdal products like manikins, Simulators and task trainers can be controlled. SimPad comes with an intuitive user interface and allows instructors...
LLEAP License for SimPad PLUS
Software License for SimPad LLEAP Software. For use with SimPad PLUS ( P210). The SimPad PLUS is not included and has to be bought seperately with ref. no. P210.
Micro-Preemie Infant Simulator
According to a WHO study one out of ten babies is born prematurely. Delivery of an extremely low birth weight infant (=1000g) remains to be an extreme medical emergency. The Micro-Preemie manikin simulates a 25-week neonate – the...
Nursing doll Keiko
This nursing doll offers all training opportunities for basic patient care and has soft limbs with invisible joints at knee, ankle, elbow and wrist. The complete training opportunities include: - General patient positioning,...
Intraosseous infusion system for R17720
Intraosseous infusion system for Five Year Pediatric Care Simulator R17720.
External stoma sites with internal tanks for...
External stoma sites with internal tanks for Five Year Pediatric Care Simulator R17720.
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