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Miniature birth demonstration set with fetus doll
Miniature birth demonstration set. In carrying bag.
Abdominal Palpation Model Set
A unique, 3-D teaching tool, this model set is perfect for performing Leopold’s maneuvers and for demonstrating palpation of the abdomen to determine fetal lie, presentation, and position. The Abdominal Palpation Model includes a fetus...
Female pelvis with fetus doll
With foetus doll, umbilical cord, and placenta. Natural casting of a female pelvis with life-size foetus doll made of cloth (plastic head). Comes in carrying bag.
Fetus doll with placenta
Life-size foetus doll made of cloth (plastic head) with placenta.
Fetus doll without Placenta
Life-size foetus doll made of cloth (plastic head) without placenta.
Pelvis for demonstration of birth canal
With this model birth canal and the passage of the fetal head through the female pelvis during labour can be clearly demonstrated. The pelvic skeleton consists of flexible hip bones with movably mounted symphysis, sacrum with flexible...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.)...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
€101.15 €202.30
Birth simulator
Lower torso with vulva and foetus doll. The highly flexible vulva is made of a special new material which is extremely dilatable and makes it possible to learn protection of the perineum. Included is a primipara vulva, a multipara vulva...
Birth Stages Examination Module
Model for upgrading LM101B. For determining a Bishop Score. This module contains three different stages of the cervix as well as a foetal head. The foetal head can be placed in various positions. The cranial sutures and fontanels are...
Obstetric Practice Doll
This modular practice doll is the universal tool for Midwifery education. It was developed in cooperation with midwifery schools and provides training for all important skills. Exchangeable modules allow practice of Leopold-gestures,...
Multipara-Vulva for LM101B
Multipara-Vulva for LM101B, LM101J or LM101HV for demonstration of birth at a multipara women.
Breast care and massage model
This replica of the breast of a puerperent corresponds to the natural conditions in terms of firmness, elasticity and mobility. The model is intended for practicing of breast care, breast massage and explanation of breast-feeding...
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