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Breastfeeding simulation set
The perfect set for experiencing breastfeeding support. Users can feel adequate close fit when wearing the Postpartum Breast Care Model and can take a natural breastfeeding positon. By attaching the strap-on-mask to a Baby manikin, users...
Complete „Lucy“ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing...
Additional to the functions and features of the „Lucy“ Basic manikin the „Lucy“ Complete is supplied with a complete set of blot clots and hemorrhages as well as the Newborn Nursing Skills and ASL Simulator. Includes all features and...
Basic „Lucy” Maternal and Neonatal Birthing...
„Lucy“ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator is a simulation system designed to present the complex needs of a growing demographic with unique health and physical challenges. Creating a new level of physical realism will allow a...
„Lucy“ Maternal and Neonatal Birthing...
Additional to the Functions and Features of the Complete „Lucy“ manikin the Advanced „Lucy“ is supplied with an IV training arm, a Blood pressure training arm and a Micro-preemie Newborn Simulator ( BA95). Includes all features...
Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set
Provide realistic simulation for vaginal examinations, labor progress, assessment of dilation, palpation of fetal fontanels and suture lines, and assessment of the position of the vertex. Versatile model set includes fetal head, lower...
Abdominal Palpation Model Set
A unique, 3-D teaching tool, this model set is perfect for performing Leopold’s maneuvers and for demonstrating palpation of the abdomen to determine fetal lie, presentation, and position. The Abdominal Palpation Model includes a fetus...
Deluxe Childbirth Model Set
With these essential models, you can easily demonstrate the birth process. The 48cm-long Fetal Model represents an average-sized, full-term baby. The body flexes to show all presentations and positions, and the head has palpable anterior...
Postpartum episiotomy suture trainer for R17860
The episiotomy repair trainers simulate human tissue and support the use of real sutures and instruments. Features: - Realistic soft skin - Supports real sutures - Durable self-healing skin Package Contents: - Mediolateral left...
Postpartum hemorrhage management package for...
The PPH Management Package enables the training of postpartum care and emergency management skills. Features: - Realistic post-delivery perineum - Uterine hemorrhaging using built-in reservoir in training torso - Uterine tamponade...
Super OB Susie
The Super OB Susie childbirth training torso is designed to aid educators teach labor and delivery management skills to learners of all levels. The anatomically accurate pelvis and full-term neonate allows learners to develop clinical...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.)...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
€101.15 €202.30
Uterus dilation model set (4 types)
This module contains three different stages of the cervix as well as a foetal head. The foetal head can be placed in various positions. The cranial sutures and fontanels are palpable. Model for upgrading LM101B.
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