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Transparent Intracutaneous Suture Pad for use...
This special version of our famous skin suture pad for skin suture trainer 7060 allows training of intracutaneous suture in a very impressive way. The upper skin layers are made of transparent materials to allow the visualisation of the...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.)...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
€101.15 €202.30
Advanced Suture Kit
Take your suture skills practice to a new level! The soft, exible three-layer skin opens realistically when incised, yet is highly resistant to tearing — sutures won’t cut through even when pulled tight. Skin pad can be sutured hundreds...
Pediatric Suture Head Kit
We are pleased to offer the ultimate in suture practice! This appealing trainer will build essential techniques in the repair of almost any laceration to the face and scalp. Great for practice in draping and bedside skills as well. The...
Suture pad holder for simulation patients
The holder for our proven suture pad makes it possible to attach the pad with the help of flexible straps to the arm or leg of a simulation patient for a more realistic training situation. The holder is flexible and puncture-resistant,...
Pad holder for skin pad 7060
Pad holder for skin pad of Skin Suture Trainer 7060.
Skin pad for 7060
Skin pad for Skin Suture Trainer 7060.
Skin Suture Trainer
This suture trainer allows practicing surgical sutures again and again. The suturing resistance of the artificial skin is almost like the real skin. Different skin suture techniques can be practiced (single interrupted suture, vertical...
Fleximodel suture leg
The female suture leg is modelled on a real leg and features all muscular and bony structures. The skin is made of a thick and yet flexible material and can be sewn in a realistic way. As in the case of real skin, an appropriate amount...
Facial Suturing Module Set
Now that your students have mastered basic suturing skills on a at pad, offer them more challenging real-life scenarios with the Facial Suturing Module Set. Use these handy portable trainers to help build condence and technique in the...
Episiotomy & Perineal Laceration Trainer
This Simulator gives students the opportunity to learn and train the techniques needed to treat the most common birth injuries. The student or teacher can cut the model after his needs to simulate all kinds of episiotomies or all stages...
Suture Kit
An inexpensive kit that offers practicing sutures at all levels. Suitable for students who need to learn or health care professionals who want to perfect the different types and techniques of sutures and other skills needed for wound...
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