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Nylon Suture
Nylon Suture
Skin pad for 7060
Skin pad for Skin Suture Trainer 7060.
3Layer RealLayer Suture Pad w/o vessels Light Skin
"The RealSuture 3-Layer Suture Pad is designed to mimic the first three superficial layers of the abdominal wall; the Epidermis layer, Subcutaneous layer, and the first Fascia layer. To behave like real tissue, the Epidermis layer has...
Suture Training Kit with 5-Layer RealSuture...
Your choice of Small RealSuture 5-Layer Suture Pad with a set of suturing instruments and three packages of non-sterile 4-0 practice suture packaged in a easy to carry case.Instruments included in the kit: 1 Disposable No. 10 Scalpel, 1...
Tensioning Base for 8.5 x 11.5 cm Simulated...
The perfect accessory to any of our Small Suture Pads, the Tensioning Base acts to hold your pad in place conforming it to a rounded surface to replicate life-like surface tension of an incision. After securing your pad to the base, once...
Fleximodel suture leg
The female suture leg is modelled on a real leg and features all muscular and bony structures. The skin is made of a thick and yet flexible material and can be sewn in a realistic way. As in the case of real skin, an appropriate amount...
Skin Suture Trainer
This suture trainer allows practicing surgical sutures again and again. The suturing resistance of the artificial skin is almost like the real skin. Different skin suture techniques can be practiced (single interrupted suture, vertical...
Pad holder for skin pad 7060
Pad holder for skin pad of Skin Suture Trainer 7060.
Suture pad holder for simulation patients
The holder for our proven suture pad makes it possible to attach the pad with the help of flexible straps to the arm or leg of a simulation patient for a more realistic training situation. The holder is flexible and puncture-resistant,...
Transparent Intracutaneous Suture Pad for use...
This special version of our famous skin suture pad for skin suture trainer 7060 allows training of intracutaneous suture in a very impressive way. The upper skin layers are made of transparent materials to allow the visualisation of the...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.)...
Perineal Repair Replacements (Set of 3 pcs.) for L90
€101.15 €202.30
Episiotomy Suture Simulator
Model for upgrading LM101B
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