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Birth simulator
Lower torso with vulva and foetus doll. The highly flexible vulva is made of a special new material which is extremely dilatable and makes it possible to learn protection of the perineum. Included is a primipara vulva, a multipara vulva...
Muscles of the arm
This model illustrates the muscles of the arm in the relaxed and contracted states. Muscles and tendons are showed in great detail. Mounted on base. Size: 40 x 26 x 6 cm, weight: 1 kg
€52.96 €105.91
Osteoarthritis (OA) Hand
Full size right hand with cutaway views to reveal effects of osteoarthritis, including: osteophytes (bone spurs), Heberden‘s and Bouchard‘s nodes, and swan neck deformity of the thumb. Shows other anatomy affected by osteoarthritis:...
4-stage Osteoarthritis (OA) Shoulder
Set of four shoulder models, reduced size, illustrating degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) of glenohumeral joint: erosion to joint articular cartilage, progression of degenerative disease, osteophyte (bone spur) formation at the...
Monitor and printer for R10052 and R10052-4
Additional to the light indicators for resuscitation volume, hand position and compression depth this unit shows result values of the CPR performance. For CPR manikin R10052 and Torso R10052-4. It has a built-in printer allowing to print...
Printer Paper, 6 Rolls for R10052-3
Printer Paper for Printer R10052-3. Set with 6 rolls.
Adam Training Manikin
Rugged and easy to use, these manikins give instructors a highly effective asset to their programs and provide students with a thorough CPR training experience. They come with 10 low-cost, disposable airway systems and individual...
Toe nail, ingrown, 20 pcs set for R16080
Toe nail, ingrown, 20 pcs set for Medical Foot Care Model R16080
Toe nail, ringworm, 20 pcs set for R16080
Toe nail, ringworm, 20 pcs set for Medical Foot Care Model R16080
Model of hip anatomy / i.m. injection technique
This model offers two functions in one model: on the right side it shows the anatomy of the pelvis including the bones and the muscles and nerves which are of importance for the injection. The student can transfer the anatomy visible on...
Resusci Baby QCPR
Resusci Baby QCPR is an infant CPR training manikin which provides opportunity to focus on student competency. Measurement, assessment and quality feedback are key factors in developing competency. Resusci Baby QCPR manikin provides...
SimScope WiFi System, complete
*** Demo model with slight signs of wear. *** With the SimScope WiFi version, users are able to utilize wireless communication between the Simscope and their computer allowing them to seamlessly select and change the pathological sounds...
€4,715.38 €9,430.75
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