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Natsume Rat
We hope to contribute to a reduction in the number of experimental animals used, and Natsume Rat is used as an alternative to animal experiments in medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary education and the education for sophisticating...
Guinea pig skull with changeable, pathological jaw
This skull model in 2-times life size was gain through CT-Scan data and is manufactured in 3D printing technology. A physiological lower jaw allows a demonstration of the normal masticatory functions and is changeable through a...
Chinchilla Skull with pathology, 2-times life size
This unique and true to life skull model was gain through extremely high resolution CT-Scans (Micro-CT) files and is manufactured in 3D printing. With physiological occlusion and a working jaw joint. The skull shows superficial...
Replacement Ears for VET4210
Replacement Ears for VET4210.
Replacement Tail for VET4210
Replacement Tail for VET4210.
The Squeekums Rat manikin allows students, lab technicians, and handlers to learn how to confidently handle and safely manage lab rodents. The tail of this amazing rodent model can be conveniently detached and disposed of, while also...
Mimolette Lab Rat
Mimolette Lab Rat manikin was created with these key features to end hopefully the practice of using live rats for training: - Endotracheal intubation - Cardiac puncture - Blood collection from the saphenous vein The laboratory rat has...
Mimicky Mouse
Experimental procedure simulator - Handling - Restraint - Physical assessment - Oral administration - Intravenous administration - Others Sizes: Body: approx. 7 x 4 x 3 cm, 25 g Tail: approx. 130 mm (exposed section approx. 110 mm), 3 g
Acupuncture cow
Acupuncture figure of the cow with representation of the acupuncture points, musculature and internal organs. Size: 15 cm
Acupuncture pig
Acupuncture figure of the pig with representation of the acupuncture points, musculature and internal organs. Size: 13 cm
Guinea pig skull in plastic block
Real guinea pig skull embedded in unbreakable plastic. Embedding the skull makes it hygienic and protected. Perfect as demonstration object.
Guinea pig skull
Our animal bone specimens are made by well-known taxidermists in Germany, following all animal protection and hygienic laws. We do not sell cheap and ethically dubious specimens from Eastern Europe or China